Driving to S-Town


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A special thank you to Cheryl Dodson and Katie Willis, my interviewees for this podcast.

Funding for this road trip was provided by the Critchett Committee.

A transcript of this podcast is available in the appendix of the written portion for Queering the Ear.


Despite podcasts’ rising popularity over the last twenty years, literary scholars are only beginning to focus on their affective potential as multimedia texts. In this thesis, I argue that even mainstream podcasts are productively intertwined with queer theories and aesthetics of belonging. Using the 2017 podcast S-Town as my case study, I examine the aural aesthetics of queer failure, temporality, archives, embodiment, and desire as key elements in this complex medium. Putting these theories and aesthetics into practice, I describe my process of research-creation and present a podcast I made about my road trip to Woodstock, Alabama, S-Town’s place of origin.

The full text of this honor's project can be found in DigitalCommons@Mac.

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