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Rylene diimides (RDIs) are a class of organic compounds notable for their electron affinities charge carrier mobilities, and stabilities under oxidative and thermal conditions. These properties make these compounds items of interest in the world of organic electronics, notably as electron-transporters (as opposed to the more commonly seen class of organic compounds which function as hole-transports) 1. This work focuses on the development of a synthetic route to a related class of compounds, linear dicarboximides and linear tetracarboximides – specifically those on aromatic hydrocarbon scaffolds. While the properties of these novel molecules are not yet fully understood, we hypothesize that they are similar to those of the more wellknown RDIs. It is also of interest to obtain linear dicarboximides which have different functional groups substituted from their imide nitrogens, since these imide sidechains are known to alter RDI properties.



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