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This book provides a brief introduction to the lives and work of Minnesota residents who advocate for Environmental Justice. Their stories were captured in interviews conducted by Macalester College students in Spring 2018, 2019 and 2020. The work featured in this volume covers a broad span, showcasing the depth and breadth of Environmental Justice. More importantly, this book celebrates the extraordinary everyday people who chose to take action in the face of injustice. While their approaches to Environmental Justice work are diverse, they are united in their persistence and their creativity.

Publication Date



DeWitt Wallace Library, Macalester College


Saint Paul


environmental justice, environmental activism


American Studies | Environmental Studies


Student Authors:

Madeline Cook, Molly Adams, Mara Short, Sabine Peterka, Quinn Rafferty, Lianna Goldstein, Sophie Mark-Ng, Eliza Macy, Adele Welch, Maya Swope, Anna Rynearson, Alia Benedict, Anna Lewis-Workman, Tulsi Patel, Miranda Moulis, Elizabeth Hrycyna, Christine McCormick, Alison Bautista, Miles D’Alessandro, Honor Kalala, Luca DeGraaf, Siddhant Singh, Kiwa Anisman, Hannah Murray, Madeline Prentiss, Hannah Grosse, Evelyn Jauregui, CJ Denney, Carter Newport, Jillian Kirk, Anthony Chin-Wing, Marisa WIlliamson, Jojo Zhang, Rachel Eder, Sayira Silverio, Ayize James, Ariel Hasak-Lowy, Amanye Reynolds, Lydia Macy, Aaron Backs, Karson Hegrenes, Kaela Bloemendaal, Rory McCollum

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A Call for Change: Minnesota Environmental Justice Heroes in Action