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Jack M. Weatherford Award for Best Capstone in Anthropology


Winner of the Jack M. Weatherford Award for Best Capstone in Anthropology, and the Mikiso Hane Prize awarded by the Midwest Conference on Asian Studies for best undergraduate paper in 2017.


In this paper I argue that modernity has paradoxically led to a reinforcement of traditional Balinese ritual practices instead of its demise. Modernity in Bali has resulted in increased numbers of motorbikes on the roads and other factors which create dangerous driving conditions. Motorbike accidents, which can cause soul loss, are thus more likely to occur, causing Balinese people to more frequently seek out traditional practices as a way to remedy soul loss. Traditional rituals are also used to prevent motorbike accidents. Therefore, certain consequences of modernity reinforce traditional ritual and solidify Balinese conceptions of self.

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