Documents from 2014

So close to burning: Intermedia and documentary solo performance in Juan and John (1965), Lara Nielsen

Documents from 2013

The Time After: (Border) Time and the Other in Post Tenebras Lux, Lara Nielsen

Documents from 2012

Director, “A Performance Tribute to Pussy Riot,” a perfor(wo)manifesto at Macalester College, Beth Cleary

Director, staged reading, The Way of Water (Caridad Svich), Frank Theatre at Macalester College, BP Oil Spill Anniversary/Earth Day event, Beth Cleary

Scenic Design, Romeo and Juliet, Daniel Keyser

Scenic & Lighting Design, Sing Protest, Sing Peace, Daniel Keyser

Scenic & Lighting Design, Stop Kiss, Daniel Keyser

Heterotopic Transformations: the (Il)liberal Neoliberal, Lara Nielsen

Review of Performing South Africa’s Truth Commission: Stages of Transition by Catherine M. Cole, Lara Nielsen


Neoliberalism and Global Theatres: Performance Permutations, Lara Nielsen and Patricia Ybarra

Coalhouse in Ragtime, Harry Waters Jr.

Documents from 2011

Director, staged reading, And I And Silence (Naomi Wallace), Beth Cleary

Director, The Inland Sea (Naomi Wallace), U.S. Premiere, Macalester College, Beth Cleary

Rendered Obsolete, Becky Heist

Lighting Design, Cloud Tectonics, Daniel Keyser

Lighting Design, Fall Concert, Nine Dances, Daniel Keyser

Scenic & Lighting Design, Antigone, Daniel Keyser

Review of Highbrow/Lowdown: Theater, Jazz, and the Making of the New Middle Class, by David Savran, Lara Nielsen


Review of Performing Conquest: Five Centuries of Theater, History, and Identity in Tlaxcala, Mexico, by Patricia A. Ybarra, Lara Nielsen


Review of Performing Remains: Art and War in Times of Theatrical Reenactment by Rebecca Schneider, Lara Nielsen

Sharkboy in Fishsticks, Harry Waters Jr.

Documents from 2010

Director, Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Dario Fo), Beth Cleary

Terrain: A Dance for the Camera (Video), Becky A. Heist

Body Parts: Reflections on Reflections, Harry Waters Jr.

Cabaret: The Musical, Harry Waters Jr.

EWOC'S Do It in Ten Minutes or Less, Harry Waters Jr.

Fierce Love, Harry Waters Jr.

Maria Kizito, Harry Waters Jr.

Meth for Dummies, Harry Waters Jr.

Phantom of the Kitchen, Harry Waters Jr.

The Ordained Smile of Saint Sadie, Harry Waters Jr.

Documents from 2009

2.5 Minute Ride, Beth Cleary

Seven Jewish Children, Beth Cleary

Dances at the Lakes, Becky Heist

Minnesota Fringe Festival, Becky Heist

Sonatas, Interludes and Accumulations, Becky Heist

Sonatas, Interludes and Accumulations, Becky Heist and Mark Mazullo

Specters of Exchange: Rights and Resources in Loisaida Liberation Theology Passion Play Performance, Lara Nielsen


Working the Field with Oral History: Talking Towards the Research Encounter in Theatre and Performance Studies, Lara Nielsen

Hoopoe in Conference of the Birds, Harry Waters Jr.

Methamphetamines for Dummies, Harry Waters Jr.

Tartuffe, Harry Waters Jr.

Waiting for Giovanni, Harry Waters Jr.

Waiting for Giovanni, Harry Waters Jr.

Westside on the South Side, Harry Waters Jr.

Documents from 2008

Golden Rain (choreographed and performed), Becky Heist

Janis [restaging] (choreographed and performed), Becky Heist

Lighting Design for "Worlds within Worlds", Daniel Keyser

(set design) Scenic Designer for "The Colored Museum", Daniel Keyser

(set design) Scenic Designer for "The Three Penny Opera", Daniel Keyser

Institutionalizing Ensembles: Thinking Theatre, Performance, and 'The Law', Lara Nielsen


Oral History Project: Practice-Based Research in Theatre and Performance, Lara Nielsen

Mr. Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors, Harry Waters Jr.

The Colored Museum, Harry Waters Jr.

Waiting for Giovanni, Harry Waters Jr.

Documents from 2007

Director, Cherry Docs, by David Gow, Beth Cleary

Director, The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer, by Carson Kreitzer, Beth Cleary

Maggie 'Maggie's brain', Beth Cleary

Performance Review, Maggie’s Brain by Off-Leash Area Productions, Beth Cleary

The Leaves of the Human Heart Lay Open Like the Land, Becky Heist


Review of Tree: belief/culture/balance (Ralph Lemon, 2004), Lara Nielsen

Documents from 2006

Director, The View from Here (Dulaney), Beth Cleary

Dramaturg, Mother Courage and her Children, (Brecht/Hare), Beth Cleary

Pendulum, Becky Heist

Two Think, Becky Heist

Globalization and the Work of Theatre, Lara Nielsen

Actor/Singer, Guthrie Theatre production, THE FALLS, Harry Waters Jr.

Community Dialogue Coordinator, The Guthrie Theatre/Cornerstone Theater's THE FALLS Monthly Meeting, Harry Waters Jr.

Director, Macalester College production of PROOF, Harry Waters Jr.

Director/Organizer, MANY VOICES Roundtable Showcase, Harry Waters Jr.

Documents from 2005

Director, In the Heart of America, by Naomi Wallace, Beth Cleary

Blown Asunder, Becky Heist

Open Throat, Inner Cells, Becky Heist

Performance review of Charlie Victor Romeo, Lara Nielsen

Documents from 2004

Director, Mother Courage and her Children, by Bertolt Brecht (Mannheim), Beth Cleary

Director, Tongue of a Bird, by Ellen McLaughlin, Beth Cleary

Gun Play, a ten-minute play about the MN Conceal and Carry Law, staged reading in the Banned On These Premises art exhibition, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Beth Cleary

Janis (choreography and performance), Becky Heist

Documents from 2003

Break, Beth Cleary

Director (staged reading), The Amazing Adventures of Nikolai Nikolaevich, by C. Denby Swanson, Beth Cleary

Running (choreography and performance), Becky Heist

Baseball as Cultural Policy: The Law and the Anomaly of Performance, Lara Nielsen

Documents from 2002

Dialectical Soup, Beth Cleary

Director (staged reading), The River Café, by Laurie Allmann, Beth Cleary

Director (workshop/reading at PlayLabs), Mae,, Beth Cleary

Findings Uncertain: a play about Adoption in Three Pieces, Beth Cleary

Haunting the Social Unconscious: Naomi Wallace's In the Heart of America, Beth Cleary

Edge of November (choreography and performance), Becky Heist

Garbage, Gone, Lara Nielsen


The Buffalo Historical Marionettes, P. Rachleff and Beth Cleary

Documents from 2001

Constellation Place Setting (choreography and performance), Becky Heist

The Unicorn, The Gorgan, and the Manticore (choreography and performance), Becky Heist

(set design) Designed the Properties for "The Tempest"., Daniel Keyser

(set design) Scenic design for "Laughter on the 23rd Floor", Daniel Keyser

Documents from 2000

Ngema The 'Zulu', Beth Cleary

Documents from 1999


Performing resistance: 'Seven Last Words' and the Carceral Culture., Beth Cleary

Documents from 1998

Fornes: Theater in the present tense, Beth Cleary

Negation Strategies: The Bread and Puppet Theater and Performance Practice, Beth Cleary

Documents from 1996

Review of Negotiating Performance: Gender, Sexuality and Theatricality in Latina/o America (Taylor and Villegas, 1994); El Teatro Campesino: Theatre in the Chicano Movement (Broyles-González, 1994); Hispanic Theater in New York, Lara Nielsen

Documents from 1995


Central European theatres in transition, Daniel Keyser