Documents from 2013


Moral, Cognitive and Social: The Nature of Blame, B. F. Malle, Steve Guglielmo, and A. E. Monroe

Documents from 2012

Neural adaptation across viewpoint and exemplar in fusiform cortex, D Y. Harvey and E D. Burgund

Introduction to Volume 11, Issue 1 and Proceedings of the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience workshops at Pomona College, Claremont, CA, July 28 to 31, 2011, B R. Johnson, Eric P. Wiertelak, J J. Ramirez, and K Parfitt


Are Intentionality Judgments Fundamentally Moral?, Bertram F. Malle and Steve Guglielmo

Morality goes beyond mind perception, A. E. Monroe, Steve Guglielmo, and B. F. Malle

External reviews, internal influences: consultations and the undergraduate neuroscience curriculum, Eric P. Wiertelak

Shared innovations in education: Writing and reviewing for the undergraduate neuroscience community, Eric P. Wiertelak and G L. Dunbar

Documents from 2010

Questioning the influence of moral judgment, Steve Guglielmo

Can unintended side effects be intentional? Resolving a controversy over intentionality and morality., Steve Guglielmo and Bertram F. Malle

Enough skill to kill: Intentionality judgments and the moral valence of action., Steve Guglielmo and Bertram F. Malle

Perceiving others' personalities: examining the dimensionality, assumed similarity to the self, and stability of perceiver effects, S. Srivastava, Steve Guglielmo, and J. S. Beer

Documents from 2009

Opposing effects of age and reading ability on pseudoword priming, E. Darcy Burgund

Priming for letters and pseudoletters in mid-fusiform cortex: Examining letter selectivity and case invariance, E. Darcy Burgund, Yi Guo, and Elyse L. Aurbach

At the heart of morality lies folk psychology, Steve Guglielmo, Andrew E. Monroe, and Bertram F. Malle

Sleep arrangements and night waking at 6 and 12 months in relation to infants' stress-induced cortisol responses, Rachel Lucas-Thompson

Dynamic Interracial/Intercultural Processes: The Role of Lay Theories of Race, Sun No, Melody Manchi Chao, and Ying-yi Hong


Reflections on the K-12 years in public schools: Relations with hearing teachers and peers from the perspective of deaf and hard-of-hearing adults, Joan Ostrove

Toward a feminist liberation psychology of alliance, Joan Ostrove

Toward a Feminist Liberation Psychology of Alliances, Joan Ostrove, Elizabeth R. Cole, and Gina A. Oliva

Documents from 2008

Letter-specific processing in children and adults matched for reading level, E. Darcy Burgund and A. E. Abernathy

Identity versus similarity priming for letters in left mid-fusiform cortex, E. Darcy Burgund and J. K. Edwards

Maternal employment and children's achievement in context: a meta-analysis of four decades of research, W. A. Goldberg, J. Prause, Rachel Lucas-Thompson, and A. Himsel

Developmental Changes in the Responses of Preterm Infants to a Painful Stressor, Rachel Lucas-Thompson; E. L. Townsend; M, R. Gunnar; M. K. Georgieff; S. F. Guiang; R. F. Ciffuentes; R. C. Lussky; and E. P. Davis

Dissociable neural subsystems underlie visual working memory for abstract categories and specific exemplars, C. J. Marsolek and E. Darcy Burgund

Submissions from 2007


Social class and belonging: Implications for college adjustment, Joan Ostrove

Documents from 2006

Directions and challenges in studying folk concepts and folk judgments, Bertram F. Malle and Steve Guglielmo