Documents from 2012


1790-1870: Some Developments in the Philosophy of Mathematics, Janet Folina

Newton and hamilton: In defense of truth in algebra, Janet Folina

Spinoza, Locke, and the Limits of Dutch Toleration, Geoffrey Gorham

"The Twin-Brother of Space": Spatial Analogy in the Emergence of Absolute Time, Geoffrey Gorham

Co-editor and Introduction, Seventeenth Century Absolute Space and Time: special issue, Geoffrey Gorham and Edward Slowik

Introduction to Special Issue Seventeenth Century Absolute Space and Time, Geoffrey Gorham and Edward Slowik

Web 2.0: Community as Commodity, Diane Michelfelder

Web 2.0: Community as Commodity, Diane Michelfelder

Documents from 2011


How Newton Solved the Mind-Body Problem, Geoffrey Gorham

Newton on God’s Relation to Space and Time: The Cartesian Framework, Geoffrey Gorham

Review of 'Descartes on Forms and Mechanisms,' by Helen Hattab, Geoffrey Gorham

Does the Human Right to Health Lack Content?, Martin Gunderson

Dirty Hands, Speculative Minds, and Smart Machines, Diane Michelfelder

Sustaining Engineering Codes of Ethics for the 21st Century, Diane Michelfelder and Sharon Jones

Documents from 2010

Geometry and Algebra in the 19th c: two routes to formalism, Janet Folina


Poincaré's Philosophy of Mathematics; Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Janet Folina


Descartes on Persistence and Temporal Parts, Geoffrey Gorham


Early Modern Philosophical Theology in Great Britain, Geoffrey Gorham

Review of 'Cartesian Reflections,' by John Cottingham, Geoffrey Gorham

Review of 'Descartes on Causation,' by Tad M. Schmaltz, Geoffrey Gorham

Human Rights, Human Interests, and the Role of Law, Martin Gunderson

Human Rights, Justice, and the Alleviation of Global Poverty, Martin Gunderson

Philosophy, Privacy, and Pervasive Computing, Diane Michelfelder

The Philosophy of Technology When ‘Things Ain’t What they Used to Be’, Diane Michelfelder

Documents from 2009

Poincaré's philosophy of mathematics, Janet Folina

God and the Natural World in the Seventeenth Century: Space, Time and Causality, Geoffrey Gorham


Philosophy of Science: A Beginner's Guide, Geoffrey Gorham

The Virtues of Scholarship and the Virtues of Political Action, Martin Gunderson


Engineering and the Liberal Arts: Toward Academic Cosmopolitanism, Diane Michelfelder


Technology Ethics in a Different Voice, Diane Michelfelder

Documents from 2008

Intuition Between the Analytic-Continental Divide: Hermann Weyl's Philosophy of the Continuum, Janet Folina


Enhancing Human Rights: How the Use of Human Rights Treaties to Prohibit Genetic Engineering Weakens Human Rights, Martin Gunderson


Genetic Engineering and the Consent of Future Persons, Martin Gunderson

Documents from 2007

Human Rights, Dignity, and the Science of Genetic Engineering, Martin Gunderson

Seeking Perfection: A Kantian Look at Genetic Engineering, Martin Gunderson


Global Citizenship and Responsibility, Diane Michelfelder

Documents from 2006

Church’s Thesis and the Variety of Mathematical Justifications, Janet Folina


Poincaré’s Circularity Arguments for Mathematical Intuition, Janet Folina

Documents from 2005

Against Aliteracy: "To Text or not to Text?”, Diane Michelfelder

Documents from 2004

Cartesian Causation: Continuous, Instantaneous, Overdetermined, Geoffrey Gorham

A Kantian View of Suicide and End-of-Life Treatment, Martin Gunderson

Being a Burden: Reflections on Refusing Medical Care, Martin Gunderson

The Role of Autonomy in Choosing Physician-Aid-in-Dying, Martin Gunderson, Tom Preston, and David Mayo


Contemporary continental philosophy and environmental ethics: A difficult relationship?, Diane Michelfelder

Documents from 2003

Parallel Developments in Philosophy and Mathematics in India, Joy Laine and David Bressoud

Valuing Wildlife Populations in Urban Environments, Diane Michelfelder

Documents from 2002

Vitalism Revitalized: Vulnerable Populations, Prejudice, and Physician-Assisted Death, Martin Gunderson and David Mayo

Documents from 2001

The moral value of informational privacy in cyberspace, Diane Michelfelder

Documents from 2000

Ontology, Logic, and Mathematics (critical study of Philosophy of Mathematics Today, edited by M. Schirn), Janet Folina

Restricting Physician-Assisted Death to the Terminally Ill, Martin Gunderson and David Mayo

Our moral condition in cyberspace, Diane Michelfelder

Documents from 1999

Pictures, Proofs and Mathematical Practice, Janet Folina

Coverage of Complementary Health Care: Case Commentary, Martin Gunderson


Stoic Principles and Deep Ecology, Martin Gunderson

Documents from 1998

Church’s Thesis: Prelude to a Proof, Janet Folina


A Millian Analysis of Rights, Martin Gunderson


Indian Philsophy of Mind, Joy Laine

Documents from 1997

A Right to Suicide Does not Entail a Right to Assisted Death, Martin Gunderson

Eliminating Conflicts of Interest in Managed Care Organizations Through Disclosure and Consent, Martin Gunderson

Documents from 1996

Proof and Knowledge in Mathematics, Janet Folina

Routine HIV Testing of Hospital Patients and Pregnant Women: Informed Consent in the Real World, Martin Gunderson, David Mayo, and Frank Rhame

Documents from 1995

Putnam, Realism and Truth, Janet Folina

Documents from 1994

Poincare's Conception of the Objectivity of Mathematics, Janet Folina

Privacy and the Ethics of Outing, Martin Gunderson and David Mayo

Documents from 1993

Altruism and Physician-Assisted Death, Martin Gunderson and David Mayo

Physician-Assisted Death and Hard Choices, Martin Gunderson and David Mayo

Some Remarks on the Gunaguni Rhedabhanga Chapter in Udayana's Atmatattuaviveka, Joy Laine

Documents from 1992


Poincare and the Philosophy of Mathematics, Janet Folina

Documents from 1989


AIDS: Testing and Privacy, Martin Gunderson, David Mayo, and Frank Rhame


Dialogue and deconstruction : the Gadamer-Derrida encounter, Diane Michelfelder and Richard Palmer