Documents from 2013

Becoming a Professional Musician. Invited talk and student conductor coachings, Michael McGaghie

Invited clinician, St. Paul Conservatory Children’s Choral Festival, St. Paul, MN, Michael McGaghie

Workshop with Millbrook High School Choir (Raleigh, NC), Boston, MA, Michael McGaghie

Workshop with St. John High School Choir (New Brunswick, Canada), Boston, MA, Michael McGaghie

Documents from 2012

Alternative Chorales for organ, Randy R. Bauer

Half String Quartet: Duo in Three Parts for violin and cello, Randy R. Bauer

Patterns of Behavior for piano trio, Randy R. Bauer

Porphyria's Lover for tenor and piano, text: Robert Browning, Randy R. Bauer

Winter Waltz for alto saxophone and piano, Victoria Malawey

Alone: Kazuo Ishiguro and the Problem of Musical Empathy, Mark Mazullo

Conductor of World Premiere, Autumn by Dominick Argento, Michael McGaghie

The Choral Music of Dominick Argento. Invited talk to graduate student choral conducting seminar, Michael McGaghie

Reinventing the Central Asian Rawap in Modern China: Musical Stereotypes, Minority Modernity, and Uyghur Instrumental Music, Chuen-Fung Wong

Solo qin zither lecture-recital, Chuen-Fung Wong

Solo qin zither performance, Chuen-Fung Wong

Documents from 2010


Shostakovich's Preludes and Fugues: Contexts, Style, Performance, Mark Mazullo

Documents from 2009

Piano Concerto No. 4, Mark Mazullo

Schubert's Eight Variations on an Original Theme in A-flat Major, Mark Mazullo


Conflicts, Occupation, and Music-Making in Palestine, Chuen-Fung Wong


Listening to the Musical China, Chuen-Fung Wong

The Value of Missing Tunes: Scholarship on Uyghur Minority Music in Northwest China, Chuen-Fung Wong

Documents from 2008

Chinese Music Bibliography, Chuen-Fung Wong

Lecture Recital on the chin/qin (Chinese zither), Minneapolis Public Library (Hosmer Branch), Minnesota, Chuen-Fung Wong


Recasting the Chinese Self in Musical Globalization: A Response to Joseph Lam's Chinese Music and Its Globalized Past and Present, Chuen-Fung Wong

Review of the CD Le pêcheur et le bûcheron: Le qin, cithara des letters ( The Fisherman and the Woodcutter: The Qin, Zither of the Literati ), Yearbook for Traditional Music, Chuen-Fung Wong

Review of the CD Taïwan Musique des Hakka: Chants montagnards et musique instrumentale bayin ( Music of the Hakka: Mountain Songs and Bayin Instrumental Music ), Asian Music, Chuen-Fung Wong