Documents from 2014

The 'Satyrica' of Petronius: An Intermediate Reader with Commentary and Guided Review, Beth Severy-Hoven

Documents from 2012

Irony and the Rejection of Imagined Alternatives in Euripides’ Alcestis, Brian Lush


Master Narratives and the Wall Painting of the House of the Vettii, Pompeii, Beth Severy-Hoven

Documents from 2011

Matthew and the Fate of Humankind, J. Andrew Overman

The Roman Temple Complex at Horvat Omrit: An Interim Report, J. Overman and D. Schowalter

Documents from 2010

Review of Bowlby, R. Freudian Mythologies: Greek Tragedy and Modern Identities, Brian Lush


The Gospel of Matthew, J. Andrew Overman

Documents from 2009

Review of Allan, W. (ed. and comm.) Euripides. Helen. Cambridge., Brian Lush

The Abduction of Persephone and Euripides’ Electra, Brian Lush


Between Rome and Parthia: Galilee and the Implications of Empire, J. Andrew Overman

Documents from 2008

Recognition and Ambiguity in Euripides’ Alcestis, Brian Lush


Recognition and the limits to knowledge in Euripides. Thesis (Ph.D.)-- University of Wisconsin--Madison, 2008., Brian Lush


Horvat, Omrit, J. Andrew Overman


The Problem with Pluralism in Second Temple Judaism: Matthew, James and the Didache in their Jewish-Roman Milieu, J. Andrew Overman


Studies in Mediterranean Antiquity and Classics [editor], Beth Severy-Hoven

Documents from 2007

Digging into the Past in Search of Hope, J. Andrew Overman


A Newly Discovered Herodian Temple in Northern Israel: The Macalester College Excavations at Khirbet Omrit, J. Overman, M. Nelson, and J. Olive

Reshaping Rome: Space, Time and Memory in the Augustan Transformation [Editor of Special Issue; Introduction], Beth Severy-Hoven

Review of: Children in the Visual Arts of Imperial Rome, by Jeannine Diddle Uzzi, Beth Severy-Hoven

Gender, Sex, and the Domestication of the Empire in Art of the Augustan Age, Beth Severy-Hoven and Teresa Ramsby

Documents from 2006


Representing Agrippina: Constructions of Female Power in the Early Roman Empire [Co-editor of the book by Judith Ginsburg], Beth Severy-Hoven and Judith Ginsburg

Documents from 2004


The Importance of the Iturean Principality According to Josephus and his Contemporaries, J. Andrew Overman

Review of: Princes and Political Cultures. The New Tiberian Senatorial Decrees, by Greg Rowe, Beth Severy-Hoven

Documents from 2003

Have We Found Herod’s Elusive Temple to Augustus in Northern Israel?, J. Andrew Overman


Augustus and the Family at the Birth of the Roman Empire, Beth Severy-Hoven

Documents from 2002


Kata Nomon Pharisaios : a Short History of Paul's Pharisaism, J. Andrew Overman


The First Jewish Revolt and Flavian Policy, J. Andrew Overman


The First Jewish Revolt: Archaeology, History, and Ideology (co-editor), J. Andrew Overman and Andrea Berlin

Documents from 2001


PBS's Roman Empire: Once Again, History as Imperial Biography, Beth Severy-Hoven

Documents from 2000

Family and State in the Early Imperial Monarchy: The Senatus Consultum de Pisone Patre, Tabula Siarensis, and Tabula Hebana, Beth Severy-Hoven

Documents from 1997


Jesus of Galilee and the Historical Peasant, J. Andrew Overman

Documents from 1996

Church and Community in Crisis: The Gospel According to St. Matthew, J. Andrew Overman

Documents from 1995


Matthew's Parables and Roman Politics: The Imperial Setting of Matthew's Narrative with Special Reference to His Parables, J. Andrew Overman

Documents from 1992


The Diaspora in the Modern Study of Ancient Judaism, J. Andrew Overman


The God-fearers : Some Neglected Features, J. Andrew Overman


Diaspora Jews and Judaism: Essays in Honor of, and in Dialogue with, A. Thomas Kraabel (co-editor), J. Andrew Overman, A. Thomas Kraabel, and Robert MacLennan

Documents from 1990


Matthew's Gospel and Formative Judaism : The Social World of the Matthean Community, J. Andrew Overman