Documents from 2013

Provocative Texts: Li Zhi, Montaigne, and the Promotion of Critical Judgment in Early Modern Readers, Rivi Handler-Spitz

Documents from 2012


The Importance of Cannibalism: Montaigne's Essays as a Vehicle for the Cultural Translation of Chineseness in Lin Yutang's The Importance of Living, Rivi Handler-Spitz

Kakikotoba no naka no hanashikotoba: Yangu adaruto shoosetsu ni okeru setsurensa no bunseki, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 2011

Review of Artistic and Cultural Exchanges Between Europe and Asia, 1400-1900. Michael North, Ed., Rivi Handler-Spitz

Documents from 2010

Short Prose Forms in a Global Sixteenth-Century Context, Rivi Handler-Spitz

Documents from 2009


Review of 'The Literature of Leisure and Chinese Modernity,' by Charles A. Laughlin, Frederik Green

Between the Colonial and the Postcolonial, Christopher Scott


Vernacular style writing: Strategic blurring of the boundary between spoken and written discourse in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 2008

Li Zhi’s Relativism and Skepticism in the Multicultural Late Ming, Rivi Handler-Spitz

Expressivity of vagueness: Alienation in verb-tari suru construction, Satoko Suzuki

Review of Japanese Language in Use: An Introduction by Toshiko Yamaguchi, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 2006


Emotive Communication in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki


Emotive communication in Japanese: An introduction, Satoko Suzuki

Quotative topic markers in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki


Surprise and disapproval: On how societal views of the outside correlate with linguistic expressions, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 2002

Self-mockery in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 2000

Japanese complementizers: Interactions between basic characteristics and contextual factors, Satoko Suzuki


Surprise and Animosity: The Use of the copula da in quotative sentences in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 1999

Marker of unexpected statement: An analysis of the quotative particle datte, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 1998


Pejorative connotation: A case of Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Tte and nante: Markers of psychological distance in Japanese conversation, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 1997

The relevance of factivity to complementizer choice in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 1996

An analysis of tte- and to-yuu-no-wa-marked phrases in Japanese discourse, Satoko Suzuki

Functions of tte- and to yuu no wa-marked pharases in Japanese discourse, Satoko Suzuki


Incorporation of information and complementizers in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 1995

A study of the sentence-final mitai na, Satoko Suzuki

The functions of topic-encoding zero-marked phrases: A study of the interaction among topic-encoding phrases in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki